Welcome to the West Tennessee Criminal Law Blog presented by JOHNSON LAW FIRM, Brian Clay Johnson, Attorney at Law.


I will be analyzing questions frequently asked about certain criminal offenses and providing answers to the same.

I will also address recent events that have occurred in the areas of criminal and constitutional law.

Further, I will critically analyze decisions of Tennessee’s Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals, those of the United States Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts, and bills introduced and/or passed in the Tennessee General Assembly or Congress that affect criminal law and individual rights.

I may very well offer my legal opinion on a variety of other issues also because something happens seemingly every day that effects criminal and constitutional law – whether that be a decision of the United States Supreme Court, an inadequate finding of probable cause by a magistrate, or inequities in our justice system.


Note that any opinion or information on this site is general in nature and in no way should be relied upon to represent yourself. Your case will vary from the situations presented in my articles and the facts of your case will determine how the law affects you. If you have been charged with a crime(s), I advise you to retain an attorney of your choosing as soon as possible.
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